Focal Themes & Sessions

Themes and Sessions

  • Precambrian paleobiology

  • Recent developments in taxonomy, phylogeny and evolution of microfossil groups

  • Microfossils and their applications in basin analysis and hydrocarbon exploration, paleoceanography and paleoclimate

  • Sequence stratigraphy and its application in Energy exploration and correlations

  • Reconstructing past environments using microfossils

  • Major phanerozoic bio-events and epoch boundaries

  • Microfossils and biofacies analysis: applications and challenges

  • Microfossil biomineralisation and biogeochemistry: recent advancements

  • Future directions in micropaleontology (biomarkers, environmental monitoring and geochemical proxies).

  • Palynology and palynofacies application in biostratigraphy and source rock evaluation.

  • Microvertebrates: evolution and paleobiology

  • Dendrochronology and climate change

  • Molecular micropaleontology

Special Session on “Recent advances in Indian Ocean Cenozoic Paleoceanography and Paleoclimate

In recent years a series of international research programs including Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, now as International Ocean Discovery Programs (IODP) were taken up in the Indian Ocean focussing on its monsoon dominated northern sector. The participation of Indian scientific community in these programs has accelerated Indian contributions in the field of oceanic biostratigraphy and paleoceanography. Hence, it is planned to have a Special Session devoted to the Indian Ocean Cenozoic paleoceanography and paleoclimate, which aims to highlight the recent breakthroughs made and to evolve strategies for the future collaborative research in this area.